In Vino Veritas – In Wine We Trust


Although thousands of different grape varieties exist, most have only local relevance. A few, though, have a global reputation, either because they are widely grown or because they are responsible for giving one or more of the world’s great wines.

Because of that, the wine world is incredibly exciting. The tasting of new bottles, discovering new aromas, new characters or simply relishing in your favorite wines, gives me so much satisfaction.

Pairing wine and food has become a great passion of mine. The relationship between food and wine is magical. Paring various wines and foods together transforms your palate allowing you to experience both food and wine in a completely different manner. The purpose of food and wine pairing is to take advantage of these effects so that ideally both the food and wine provide more pleasure than either would when consumed separately.

Recently I decided to focus on wines from countries like Romania, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Poland, Bulgaria etc.

Although I love all others, I am willing to show diversity in a global wine production or maybe, show that center east of Europe produces high-quality wines also.