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End of an Era

So the day has come. And this day is today.

Today is my last day as a Head Barista at Legit Coffee Co. on Meath Street / Liberties, Dublin.

For the last 3 years, I did hectoliters of coffee for our Guests.

I run a few cuppings, I introduce a few nice Guest Roasters, run fantastic tasting dinners and wine tastings. Finally, I had a chance to run my bistro at the back of Legit called The Blue Anchor Wine Bistro.

For those times, I had a pleasure to work with several, great Baristas, Chefs, Kitchen Porters, and made a few goods friendships.

Also, the barista competition which I founded in 2017 and organized year by year is a great success of mine. I am very proud of it.

The Liberties Brewers Cup will no longer gonna be in Legit. But, it will stay at the Liberties DUBLIN. That is no doubt.

It’s great for a community, great for coffee people and great for advertising sustainability, specialty coffee in Ireland.


Stay with me:)

More to come!


BONANZA Coffee de.

Woohaa. New Guest Coffee just arrived to Dublin 8.

The very well known in Germany, the Bonanza Coffee from Berlin is right now available in LEGIT Coffe Co on Meath Street.

You can try their espresso blend and grab some their filter roast ratial bags:

  • Colombia Fabian Zarama – Region: NariΓ±o, Variety: Caturra, Process: Washed,Β  Altitude: 1900,
  • Ethiopia Suke Quto – Region: Oromia, Guji Zone, Variety: Kurume, Welicho, Process: Washed, Altitude: 1800 – 2200 m, Category: Peaberry
  • Brazil Dos Campos, Region: Serra de Mantiqueira, Variety: Yellow Bourbon, Process: Pulped Natural, Altitude: 1250
  • Peru -Apu (not available on bonanzacoffee.de) πŸ™‚


All bags are 350g.