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End of an Era

So the day has come. And this day is today.

Today is my last day as a Head Barista at Legit Coffee Co. on Meath Street / Liberties, Dublin.

For the last 3 years, I did hectoliters of coffee for our Guests.

I run a few cuppings, I introduce a few nice Guest Roasters, run fantastic tasting dinners and wine tastings. Finally, I had a chance to run my bistro at the back of Legit called The Blue Anchor Wine Bistro.

For those times, I had a pleasure to work with several, great Baristas, Chefs, Kitchen Porters, and made a few goods friendships.

Also, the barista competition which I founded in 2017 and organized year by year is a great success of mine. I am very proud of it.

The Liberties Brewers Cup will no longer gonna be in Legit. But, it will stay at the Liberties DUBLIN. That is no doubt.

It’s great for a community, great for coffee people and great for advertising sustainability, specialty coffee in Ireland.


Stay with me:)

More to come!


Irish Aeropress 2018 (Championship)


It was a good fun at the 3fe roastery in Dublin. Even bigger for me as I won this Championship πŸ™‚

And guess what?

I will go to Sydney for the International Aeropress Championship final.

How is that? Do I look impressed?


Coffeedesk.com – My technical partner for an Irish Brewers Cup

Any brewing equipment?
…or Tea mayby?

All that and much more, you will find on Coffeedesk-my technical partner for an Irish Brewers Cup 2018

Take a look πŸ™‚

Let’s Caffeinate Europe Together